jQuery $.get response is different when Infinity is in the response

I have an API that returns two numbers as a response. For example if I call this

$.get('/api/get_limit/').always(function(data) { console.log(data.responseText); });

I expect to see something like this in the console

Object {absolute_limit: 389, concurrent_limit: 999}

Which is what I get, except when one of these numbers is Infinity. In that case when I make the same request, the console will show

Object {readyState: 4, responseText: "{"absolute_limit":Infinity,"concurrent_limit":999.0}", status: 200, statusText: "OK"}

I checked and API is working as expected in both cases.

My question is why this happens and is there a way I can fix this without substituting Infinity with something like -1?


Django code for generating API with the help of Django Rest Framework

class QueriesLimit(APIView):
    def get(self, request, format=None):
        limit = request.user.concurrency_limit()
        abs_limit = request.user.available_queries()
        return Response({'concurrent_limit': limit, 'absolute_limit': abs_limit})



    "absolute_limit": Infinity,
    "concurrent_limit": 999.0

is not a json object

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