AngularJS Formly - Setting ID/Name of fields

I originally asked this question as a comment in another formly releated question here on SO. I figured that this really should be its own question...

I have a repeating section of fields very similar to the following example:

Looking at the repeater example, all of the fields have the same model name/id just in a different element of the investments array. Is it possible to give these fields a unique name/id? (investmentName_1, investimentName_2, etc) My validation is flagging the same field among all of the repeated sections whenever one of them fails validation. I have a feeling it is because they all have the same model name/id and thus my validation code is flagging all of them.


You can specify an id property on your field configuration. I updated the example to add a random ID property to the fields. Hopefully this fixes your issue.

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