Let and Get array of fixed size

I have a class that has a fixed-size array of Double, for example

Private m_values(8) as Double

What is the correct syntax for the Let and Get methods for an array?

Public Property Let Values (RHS(8) as Double)
    m_values = RHS
End Property

Public Property Get Values() as Double
    Values = m_values
End Property

The specific parts of the syntax I am unclear about:

a. In the Let method, is RHS(8) as Double the correct way to pass an array of 8 Double? b. Can I copy one array to another simply using assignment? (e.g. m_values = values) c. For the Get method, is it correct for the function to be declared as Double or should it be something like as Double(8)?


The only way to declare a property that can hold arrays is as Variant property.

Private m_values As Variant

Public Property Let Values(RHS As Variant)
    m_values = RHS
End Property

Public Property Get Values() As Variant
    Values = m_values
End Property

Public Sub Test()
    Dim x(8) As Double
    x(1) = 123.55
    x(2) = 456.45
    x(5) = 789.66
    x(8) = 123.777

    ' assign value to property
    Values = x

    ' get value from property
    Dim y() As Double
    y = Values

    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 0 To UBound(y)
        Debug.Print y(i)

End Sub

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