Attempt to set a plist value error on registering Dictionary of Ints with NSUserDefaults

I have the following snippet of code that is causing my app to crash:

let defaults = [1 : 0]

Which gives me the following error:

'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'Attempt to insert non-property list object {
1 = 0;
} for key highScores'

I don't get it though. Why wouldn't [1 : 0] be a plist? It is made up of Ints stored in a Dictionary.


Quote from Apple docs:

And although NSDictionary and CFDictionary objects allow their keys to be objects of any type, if the keys are not string objects, the collections are not property-list objects

Your code should work by substituting let defaults = ["1" : 0] for your first assignment.

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