Sonar : any feedback?

I am currently doing a little study over Sonar and (why not) other tools to manage code quality.

I did not found the documentation much clear nor extended and I have some questions.

Does somebody know and use it ? How can one integrate sonar into a complex project ? Can we manage a Perl or C project with Sonar & Maven 2?

I would also appreciate if sombody could give me feedbacks about Sonar.


I use Sonar and it's great. As of now, it only supports Java code, thought. From their website:

Sonar currently covers Java and PL/SQL languages. However, Sonar is highly extensible and can therefore embark plugins to cover new languages

My experience: it's great. Really. If you use java, sonar is a must-have, along with Hudson. If you doesn't, support the community and help them extend sonar to other languages. The best and coolest feature that sonar has is the time-machine stuff. It's really impressive!

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