Android M - custom permission dialog style

While implementing the new Android M permission model I noticed that the permissions dialog does not respect the theming of my styles.xml.

In my styles.xml I override the dialog and alertdialog style like this:

<item name="android:dialogTheme">@style/Theme.dialog</item>
<item name="android:alertDialogTheme">@style/Theme.dialog</item>

Is it possible to change the theming?

Or is it because this is a system dialog like in the device settings?


No, it's not possible. The permissions dialog is system dialog, hence you can't change its theme:

The M Developer Preview introduces a new app permissions model which streamlines the process for users to install and upgrade apps. If an app running on the M Preview supports the new permissions model, the user does not have to grant any permissions when they install or upgrade the app. Instead, the app requests permissions as it needs them, and the system shows a dialog to the user asking for the permission.

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