Html.ActionLink with ViewBag

I currently have a ActionLink in Razor that looks like this:

@Html.ActionLink("Back to News", "Index")

However, I wish to add a ViewBag to it


Thus the rendering of the ActionLink to know to instead of being simply:

<a href="/">Back to News</a>

To instead have changed the URL to be Index/@ViewBag.groupid ( Index/5 )

so that URL is then

/Index/5   ( where 5 is the ViewBag.groupid)   


There's an overload (a few actually) that take routeValues. Set routeValues to a new anonymous object with an id property set to ViewBag.groupid.

@Html.ActionLink("Back to News", "Index", "controller name", 
                 new {id = ViewBag.groupid}, null)

use this format : @Html.ActionLink("title", actionMethodName","ControllerName", new { id = value }, null); for your example it would be : @Html.ActionLink("back to news", "Index", "your controller name", new { id = @ViewBag.groupid }, null);

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