Update Issue Summary and Issue Description with JEMH

I have seen that the JEMH plugin has the ability to update a lot of feilds in JIRA but I am unaware if it can update the Summary and Description of Issue from an email.

If it is possible how can it be done, I assume that the body would update the description with some sort of way to lay out the email e.g #Description="Test Description". The summary would just be the subject remaining after the issue Key e.g KEY-178 Test Summary. Am I correct or is there any way to do this at all?


I found that it is possible to do this by doing this:

After issue creation:

  1. Make sure that the issue Key matches one in the database: @issueKey=ABC-123 @description=new description.

2 Its a multi-line field;

3 So it must be followed by at least one directive line @summary=Hey, this is the new summary.

4 so that the rest of the content can be used as the comment.

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