Eclipse Maven: “Cannot be resolved to a type” error

I am trying to build a simple sentence detector using OpenNLP 1.5.0. I am using Maven Eclipse for that. I downloaded "en-sent.bin" model file from and placed it inside src/main/resources folder. My pom.xml file is as follows.

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""





Inside 'src/main/java' folder I have created "dk.research.new1" package and its file contains the following code.

package dk.research.new1;

public class App{
    public void SentenceSplitter() {
        SentenceDetector sentenceDetector = null;
        InputStream modelIn = null;

        try {
           modelIn = getClass().getResourceAsStream("en-sent.bin");
           final SentenceModel sentenceModel = new SentenceModel(modelIn);
           sentenceDetector = new SentenceDetectorME(sentenceModel);
        } catch (final IOException ioe) {
        } finally {
            if (modelIn != null) {
                try {
                } catch (final IOException e) {}
        String sentences[]=(sentenceDetector.sentDetect("I am a student. I am learning programming. I like java language."));
        for(int i=0; i<sentences.length;i++) {

I get the following error messages in file.

  • SentenceDetector cannot be resolved to a type
  • InputStream cannot be resolved to a type
  • SentenceModel cannot be resolved to a type
  • SentenceDetectorME cannot be resolved to a type
  • IOException cannot be resolved to a type

Why am I getting these errors? I tried Project->Clean but I can't get rid of these errors. What do I have to do to get this solved?


In your POM in <dependencies> section add:


And then, you have to import classes in Java file before line public class App add:



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