Append Histogram Class Objects to a list elements in R

My title's problem is very similar to a lot of's in SOF, though my problem is very different : I got a list MY_LIST.


I got a histogram class object HIST_OBJECT.

HIST_OBJECT=hist(rnorm(n=500, m=1, sd=1))
[1] "histogram"

I want to load my HIST_OBJECT into the 1st slot of my list MY_LIST. So i execute that :


So far so good but the problem is that the class of my HIST_OBJECT has changed. It was an histogram class that i could plot (plot(HIST_OBJECT) works!) but now it's a list class that I can't plot anymore (plot(MY_LIST[[1]][2]) don't work)

[1] "list"

Does anyone know how to do in order to make MY_LIST[[1]][2] object an "histogram" class object? Thanks a lot in advance!!


You were close:


Think of a list like a train: a single [ gets the carriage you want with all its contents, a double [[ gets just the contents of that carriage. Also think why MY_LIST[[1]][2]=HIST_OBJECT does not work, but MY_LIST[[1]][[2]]=HIST_OBJECT does.

In this case, the [2] got you the same class as its container - a list, containing the second element, your hist. The [[2]] will get you the element in the second container, in this case your hist.

Another example:

df <- data.frame(x=c(1,2,3), y=c(4,5,6))

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