ITextSharp SetListSymbol as an image

I know that SetListSymbol (from the ITextSharp library) expects a string as a parameter, but is it possible to use an image/icon somehow? If so, how?


Please take a look at the ListWithImageAsBullet example. It takes the image of a light bulb and uses it as if it were a bullet like this: list_with_image_bullet.pdf

Image image = Image.getInstance(IMG);
image.scaleAbsolute(12, 12);
List list = new List();
list.setListSymbol(new Chunk(Image.getInstance(image), 0, 0));
list.add("Hello World");
list.add("This is a list item with a lot of text. It will certainly take more than one line. This shows that the list item is indented and that the image is used as bullet.");
list.add("This is a test");

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