How do I store session and access it anywhere in my application in symfony2?

Code is given below. I have a loginAction method and I want to access username through the session in my twig file.

public function loginAction(Request $request)
    $session= $this->getRequest()->getSession();



        $em= $this->getDoctrine()->getEntityManager();
        $repository = $em->getRepository('MWANRegisterBundle:User');

        $user= $repository->findOneBy(array('userName'=>$username,    'userPassword'=> $password ));
        $login= new Session(); 

     // Session is in the same class as getter setter functions
     // for username and password

        $session->set('login', $login);
            $login = $session->get('login');
            $username = $login->getUsername();
            //  var_dump($username); exit();

       // in show_home I redirect to twig file list.html.twig

            return $this->redirect($this->generateUrl('show_home'));

        echo("wrong username   OR  password");

    return $this->render('MWANRegisterBundle:Default:login.html.twig');

--------------------- Here is the logout method --------------------------

public function logoutAction(Request $request)
    $session= $this->getRequest()->getSession();
    return $this->render('MWANRegisterBundle:Default:login.html.twig');

  // listAction is action to render list.html.twig i want username of     session here 

 public function listAction (Request $request)
    $session= $this->getRequest()->getSession();

        return $this->render('MWANRegisterBundle:Default:list.html.twig' );


Kindly guide me step by step ......


You don't need this "hack" to retrieve logged username, even in twig.

Simply use this snippet of code

{{ app.user.username }}

If you want to be sure that user is currently logged in, you could add some explicit control

{% if app.user %}
  {{ app.user.username }}
{% endif %}

For a complete answer, I add also session retrieval from twig

{{ app.session.get('parameterName') }}

you can access your sessions in twig by using {{app.session.get("nameOfSession")}} and setting session {{app.session.set("name","value")}}

for your user managment I suggest you to use FOSUserBundle to have a best and secur application

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