What is the way to insert a huge JSON data into a SQLite DB in android

I have a large json request, that is, it has around 50k rows with 15 columns that I have to insert into a SQLite DB with the same structure. This is, I have to copy the same data allocated in postgres db into my sqlite db within my app. Is there some efficient way to do it? is there some api or something that could help to the work?

I have to tell that I'm able to do with OMRLite with JSON datas that isn't large but when I try to do with a bigger ones I have my app crashes and has the out of memory error.

Please if you have some idea or some example that I could follow I will appreciate it a lot! thanks in advance!


You can also use Google's Official Gson Streaming Library.

Gson Streaming : Gson Streaming

JsonReader plays very important role to parse json using Streaming library.

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