Preventing a file overwrite with Git

my company started recently to use Git for source version control, and due to the incompetence of the coders - that's me and my boss :-P - we have a really nice spaghetti of files being overwritten here and there. Is there a way to mark certain files as 'untouchable' so if when updating a branch from another either do(es)n't overwrite the file(s) or doesn't do the update at all? Thanks in advance.


You can do exactly what you're asking for with hooks, but I don't know if that solves your real problem.

If it's as simple as your in-progress files getting munged, that's easy: Never pull/merge/rebase with uncommitted changes. Always commit before bringing in any other code.

You can add a file named .gitignore. Any filename that matches a regular expression in that file will be ignored by git.

So, I usually start with something like:


Modify to taste.

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