xls to text converter

Anyone know of a free xls to text converter that can be run from the unix command line?


There is also the package catdoc (Ubuntu link) that includes a xls2csv utility.

Need Your Help

How many different ways are there to pass parameters with an HTTP GET?

c# .net http asp.net-web-api

Normally if I use HTTPClient and issue GetAsync(URI) or similar, if I wanted to pass some parameters like "int id, string name, string division" I would need to append them to the uri:

Is ClearCase supported in Visual Studio 2010

visual-studio version-control visual-studio-2010 plugins clearcase

I'm looking for information about support for using ClearCase in Visual Studio 2010, I'm writing up an evaluation of VS 2010 and need some info on SCS other than TFS and SVN and was wondering if th...