Killing an interop Application process

I have the following in a program (written in VB.NET):

Imports Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel

Public Class Form1
    Dim eApp As New Excel.Application
    Dim w As Excel.Workbook
    w = eApp.Workbooks.Open( "path.xls", ReadOnly:=True)
    .. Processing Code ..
    //Attempts at killing the excel application
End Class

When I run this a couple of times, I get a bunch of EXCEL.EXE instances in my task manager. How can I kill these processes in code? All of the ones in the code have been tried and did not work.


I had to do this a while back in NET 1.1, so please forgive the rust.

On the eApp, there was a Hwind (a win32 window handle - ) or similar object. I had to use that and a pInvoke ( ) to get the process id. With that I was able to do a Process.Kill() on the exe.

There maybe a better way to do it now, but this should work.

loop the below line of code until the result is zero or less


or check out this link

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