Why is this property Getter virtual?

Having a strange issue with some C# code - the Getter method for a property is showing up as virtual when not explicitly marked.

The problem exhibits with the DbKey property on this class (code in full):

public class ProcessingContextKey : BusinessEntityKey, IProcessingContextKey
    public ProcessingContextKey()
        // Nothing

    public ProcessingContextKey(int dbKey)
        this.mDbKey = dbKey;

    public int DbKey
        get { return this.mDbKey; }
        set { this.mDbKey = value; }
    private int mDbKey;

    public override Type GetEntityType()
        return typeof(IProcessingContextEntity);

When I use reflection to inspect the DbKey property, I get the following (unexpected) result:

Type t = typeof(ProcessingContextKey);
PropertyInfo p = t.GetProperty("DbKey");
bool virtualGetter = p.GetGetMethod(true).IsVirtual; // True!
bool virtualSetter = p.GetSetMethod(true).IsVirtual; // False

Why does virtualGetter get set to True? I expected false, given that the property is neither abstract nor virtual.

For completeness - and for the remote possibilty they are relevant, here are the declarations for BusinessEntityKey, IProcessingContextKey, and IBusinessEntityKey:

public abstract class BusinessEntityKey : IBusinessEntityKey
    public abstract Type GetEntityType();

public interface IProcessingContextKey : IBusinessEntityKey 
    int DbKey { get; }

public interface IBusinessEntityKey
    Type GetEntityType();

Thanks in advance for your help.

Clarification - why does this matter to me?

We're using NHibernate and traced some issues with lazy loading to properties that were only half overridable - virtual getter but private setter. After fixing these up, we added a Unit test to catch any other places where this could occur:

public void RequirePropertiesToBeCompletelyVirtualOrNot()
    var properties
        = typeof(FsisBusinessEntity).Assembly
            .Where(type => type.IsClass)
                type => 
                        | BindingFlags.Public 
                        | BindingFlags.NonPublic))
            .Where(property => property.CanRead 
                && property.CanWrite)
            .Where(property => 
                    != property.GetSetMethod(true).IsVirtual);

            "Found : ", 
            (m, p) => m + string.Format("{0}.{1}; ", 

This unit test was failing on the DbKey property mentioned above, and I didn't understand why.


It's virtual because it implements an interface method. Interface implementation methods are always virtual as far as the CLR is concerned.

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