ASP.NET 3.5 bind to XML string

With ASP.NET 3.5 I can easily bind to an XML file by using an XmlDataSource.

How can I bind to an XML string instead of a file?


Use the XmlDataSource.Data property.

XmlDataSource dataSource    = new XmlDataSource();
dataSource.Data             = "<root><element>Item #1</element><element>Item #2</element></root>";
dataSource.XPath            = "root/element";

Alternately, you could specify the data declaratively:

        <Book Title="Pure JavaScript" Author="Wyke, Gilliam, and Ting"/>
        <Book Title="Effective C++ Second Edition" Author="Scott Meyers"/>
        <Book Title="Assembly Language Step-By-Step" Author="Jeff Duntemann"/>
        <Book Title="Oracle PL/SQL" Author="Steven Feuerstein"/>

        <Book Title="Counter Hack" Author="Ed Skoudis"/>


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