How to find webrick bugs in NetBeans for Ror?

I'm starting my adventure with Ruby on Rails and as IDE I choose Netbeans. It has bundled server Webrick and it had worked good. But after some changes in my first application it gives me internal error 500 - but nothing shows in console. And older actions give the same result.

How can I find where the problem is? I work on Ubuntu system.


What you can also do is add the following line to your controller "application.rb":

ActiveRecord::Base.logger =

Then you will get debugging output in WEBrick's "Output" window within Netbeans.

Your best bet is to always have a terminal window open and to issue the follow

tail -f log/development.log

This will give you a real time, syntax colored feed of your log as you're working with your application.

Answered myself - logs/development.log

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