What CSS/JS/HTML/XML plugin(s) do you use in Eclipse?

I'm looking for a good plugin for doing web front end work in Eclipse. I don't want something that completely takes over eclipse, or something that has masses of dependencies that need to be updated all the time, or something that is geared towards a particular server-side platform, or something that costs a heap.

Is there something light-weight out there that hits the sweet spot?

I tried aptana - found it took over my whole eclipse environment and put news feeds and other rubbish all over the place.

I then tried installing a subset of the aptana jar's and ended up pretty happy with the result.

Here's what I have in my plugins directory:

com.aptana.ide.core_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.snippets_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.core.ui_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.debug.core_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.editor.css_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.editor.html_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.editor.js_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.editors_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.editors.codeassist_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.epl_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.io.file_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.jface.text.source_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.lexer_1.1.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.libraries_1.2.0.18696 com.aptana.ide.libraries.jetty_1.2.0.018852 com.aptana.ide.logging_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.parsing_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.search.epl_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.server_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.server.core_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.server.jetty_1.2.0.018852.jar com.aptana.ide.server.ui_1.2.0.018852.jar

..and in the features:

com.aptana.ide.feature.editor.css_1.2.0.018852 com.aptana.ide.feature.editors_1.2.0.018852 com.aptana.ide.feature.editor.html_1.2.0.018852 com.aptana.ide.feature.editor.js_1.2.0.018852


Personally, I use the standalone community version of Aptana for that sort of thing, as I don't really use Eclipse for anything much else these days.

There is an Eclipse plugin version of Aptana, info available here: http://www.aptana.com/docs/index.php/Plugging_Aptana_into_an_existing_Eclipse_configuration

Update: New link to get this plugin: http://aptana.org/products/studio3/download

Sounds like you need the Web Tools Project

You may like:

  • JSEclipse plugin (update site) originally developed by Interactonline, later acquired by Adobe
  • Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project (update site)

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