Flex: Database driven DataGrid: arrows disappearing

In Flex I'm using the following code to allow sorting in a DataGrid (the data is paged and sorted serverside).

        private function headerReleaseHandler(event:DataGridEvent):void
            var column:DataGridColumn = DataGridColumn(event.currentTarget.columns[event.columnIndex]);

                if(this.query.SortField == column.dataField)
                    this.query.SortAscending = !this.query.SortAscending;
                    this.query.SortField = column.dataField;
                    this.query.SortAscending = true;


This works perfectly, except that the arrows that indicate sorting isn't shown. How can I accomplish that?

Thanks! /Niels


There is an example here if this is what you are looking for: http://blog.flexexamples.com/2008/02/28/displaying-the-sort-arrow-in-a-flex-datagrid-control-without-having-to-click-a-column/

It looks like you need to refresh the collection used by your dataprovider.

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