Strategy for dealing with large db tables

I'm looking at building a Rails application which will have some pretty large tables with upwards of 500 million rows. To keep things snappy I'm currently looking into how a large table can be split to more manageable chunks. I see that as of MySQL 5.1 there is a partitioning option and that's a possible option but I don't like the way the column that determines the partitioning has to be part of the primary key on the table.

What I'd really like to do is split the table that a AR model writes to based upon the values written but as far as I am aware there is no way to do this - does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might implement this or any alternative strategies?




Partition columns in MySQL are not limited to primary keys. In fact, a partition column does not have to be a key at all (though one will be created for it transparently). You can partition by RANGE, HASH, KEY and LIST (which is similar to RANGE only that it is a set of discrete values). Read the MySQL manual for an overview of partioning types.

There are alternative solutions such as HScale - a middleware plug-in that transparently partitions tables based on certain criteria. HiveDB is an open-source framework for horizontal partioning for MySQL.

In addition to sharding and partioning you should employ some sort of clustering. The simplest setup is a replication based setup that helps you spread the load over several physical servers. You should also consider more advanced clustering solutions such as MySQL cluster (probably not an option due to the size of your database) and clustering middleware such as Sequioa.

I actually asked a relevant question regarding scaling with MySQL here on stack-overflow some time ago, which I ended up answering myself several days later after collecting a lot of information on the subject. Might be relevant for you as well.

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