What does “Modify files with subversion/git” mean?

% rails
General Options:
-c, --svn                        Modify files with subversion. (Note: svn must be in path)
-g, --git                        Modify files with git. (Note: git must be in path)

What do these "Modify files" options do for me?

Edit: It is unclear to me what using one (or both?) of these options actually does. As in, how do they alter workflow? What svn/git commands would I then not be issuing myself, or possibly what type of more esoteric commands will I now end up having to issue? Fundamentally, where are the docs on this feature?


Looks like --git was added in r8772 in response to ticket #10690. Reading that patch is the closest thing to documentation I've found. The option applies to Rails::Generator::Commands, and does the appropriate svn add or git add for files created by script/generate.

It also does the appropriate rm or reset for things removed by script/destroy.

It does not commit any changes, only adds the files so they're tracked by the VCS.

Oh, and --git is also broken for the rails app generator, at least through rails 2.3.5.

'-c' will direct rails to retrieve and store data from a subversion source code repositry. '-g' will drect reails to retrieve and store code in a git repository.

In both cases the source code repositry must be installed and configured, and, you should have previously set your local environment to point to the desired instance , project directories etc.

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