variable.ToString() vs. Convert.ToString(variable)

Let's say I have an integer that I need to convert to a string (I might be displaying the value to the user by means of a TextBox, for example.

Should I prefer .ToString() or Convert.ToString(). They both do the same thing (don't they?).

int someValue = 4;

// You can do this
txtSomeValue.Text = someValue.ToString();

// Or this...
txtSomeValue.Text = Convert.ToString(someValue);

Assuming that there is no runtime difference between the two, then my reasons come down to aesthetics and consistency. Recently I have been favouring Convert.ToString() as to me it says "hey, I want the value of this thing as a string". However I know that this is not strictly true...


One test is

//This will set the variable test to null:
string test = Convert.ToString(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["Missing.Value"]);

//This will throw an exception:
string test = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["Missing.Value"].ToString();

Got the above ready example from

You can find some benchmarks between the two at

So, it depends what you prefer and what your style is.

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