PHP APIs for Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo?

I am a PHP developer who is kind of in a pickle. I'm trying to locate and/or build an API capable of speaking to Hotmail, Yahoo and GMAIL in order to retrieve contact lists (with the user's consent, of course). The one I'm having the most trouble finding is a Hotmail API.

Where would I start to look as far as finding either a working, stable API or the steps I could take to developing one for hotmail? Is there one that covers all of these bases that I could implement? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


EDIT: I did manage to get a few services up, however, I've been using Open Inviter for at least one client project, and it seems to perform well.


Some pointers:

Most of the scripts, etc. I found didn't really work. There's a commercial one which uses scraping to retrieve the contacts but I think those attempts are rather flawed. The above links should give you an example of how to access the address books on each service.

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