Effects on htmlText in a TextField

In Flash when you set text in a TextField object with the htmlText property, changing the alpha value no longer works. Is there a way around that?


Some confusion here.

  1. Whether alpha works or not depends on whether the text field uses device fonts, not whether it uses HTML. (Device fonts are used any time you have a dynamic/input text and you don't embed the font.)

  2. If possible, simply publish for Flash player 10, which now supports alpha for device fonts. (Note that you have to set the alpha property of the textfield or its parent - choosing a transparent color for the text itself doesn't work.)

  3. Fallback option for v8-9 is to force bitmap caching by applying a filter. For example, you could use a drop shadow with the color set to be transparent. This causes Flash to render the text field into a bitmap before drawing it to the screen, so your alpha is applied to the bitmap and everything works.

  4. For player version 7 or lower, there's no way to get alpha for device fonts. You have to either embed the font or learn to live without alpha. :D

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