Single Remote Desktop session in Server 2003

I have a headless server running Windows Server 2003, and administer it via VNC. It is set to auto login to a specific user account.

I want to change to using Remote Desktop/Terminal Services. However, when I log in remotely a new user session is created (in addition to auto logged in session). Essentially I want a remote desktop connection to take over the default session in the computer (how XP does it). Does anyone know how?

P.S. I am NOT after a single remote session, instead a single GLOBAL session :)


To logon as the 'console' user (the one to be used for logging in locally) then you use a parameter for mstsc.exe From a command prompt type in mstsc /h to see the help. MSTSC /ADMIN /V:YOURSERVERNAME or MSTSC /CONSOLE /V:YOURSERVERNAME

(depending on the version that you have)

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