Where is Juval Lowy's ServiceModelEx library for WCF?

WCF is Microsoft's replacement for .Net Remoting and Web services. It's critical to understand if you are a .NET component developer.

The best reference for WCF appears to be (by word of mouth, blogs and Amazon) Juval Lowy's "Programming WCF Services," published by O'Reilly.

This book is advertised in several places around the net as "coming with Juval Lowy's ServiceModelEx library," which is supposed to be this awesome WCF framework that extends and simplifies WCF development. In the book itself Lowy talks about this framework a lot.

However, I can not figure out where to download said library. If you look at his website's download page there's tons of stuff but no ServiceModelEx.

Does he intend for his readers to re-code all of it by hand going by code samples in his book?

Anyone with any experience on this?

Yeah, this is a niche question, but I think it's an important topic and it's certainly programming related.


Programming WCF Services 3rd Edition (PWSTE) Samples: http://examples.oreilly.com/9780596805494/

Programming WCF Services 2nd Edition (PWSSE) Samples: http://examples.oreilly.com/9780596521301/

I found this via:


and clicking on "Examples"

Download the zip file and it has all the code for ServiceModelEx. It isn't on IDesign's site, which is odd, because it claims to be. However, I hope this helps.

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