What am I doing wrong with this pointer cast?

I'm building a GUI class for C++ and dealing a lot with pointers. An example call:


My problem here is that I want to cast the activeWidget pointer to another type. activeWidget is of type GUI_BASE. Derived from BASE I have other classes, such as GUI_BUTTON and GUI_TEXTBOX. I want to cast the activeWidget pointer from GUI_BASE to GUI_TEXTBOX. I assume it would look something like this:


This isn't working, because the compiler still thinks the pointer is of type GUI_BASE. The following bit of code does work, however:

GUI_TEXTBOX *textbox_pointer;
textbox_pointer = (GUI_TEXTBOX*)mainGui.activeWindow->activeWidget;

I'm hoping my problem here is just a syntax issue. Thanks for the help :)


The problem is that casts have lower precedence than the . -> () [] operators. You'll have to use a C++ style cast or add extra parentheses:

((GUI_TEXTBOX*)mainGui.activeWindow->activeWidget)->function();  // Extra parentheses
dynamic_cast<GUI_TEXTBOX*>(mainGui.activeWindow->activeWidget)->function();  // C++ style cast

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