F# XML parsing

this c# code is probably not the most efficient but gets what I want done.

How do I accomplish the same thing in F# code?

    string xml = " <EmailList> " +
               "      <Email>test@email.com</Email> " +
               "      <Email>test2@email.com</Email> " +
               " </EmailList> ";

    XmlDocument xdoc = new XmlDocument();
    XmlNodeList nodeList;
    String emailList = string.Empty;
    nodeList = xdoc.SelectNodes("//EmailList");
    foreach (XmlNode item in nodeList)
        foreach (XmlNode email in item)
             emailList +=  email.InnerText.ToString() +  Environment.NewLine ;


let doc = new XmlDocument() in
    doc.LoadXml xml;
    doc.SelectNodes "/EmailList/Email/text()"
        |> Seq.cast<XmlNode>
        |> Seq.map (fun node -> node.Value)
        |> String.concat Environment.NewLine

If you actually want the final trailing newline you can add it in the map and String.concat with the empty string.

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