information on TAP and TDD for 'C'

I am precisely looking for the info like ,

TAP is for regression and TDD is for Unit Testing ... or are they mutually exclusive( no need to use both of them ) ?

bonus for suggesting 'good' Unit Test Frame work for TDD in C (expecting to address good aspect as well :) )

finally cMockery (googles code) for Testing C code (not derived from xUnit Patterns) can be used for TDD ? how ?

added for clarity: TAP is test anything protocol , you can find documentation in CPAN (perl archive). libtap is TAP for C. gives good explanation of TAP in


For unit testing frameworks for C, you can refer to this question.

There is no conflict between regression and unit testing, as the unit tests are used as a safety net to detect undesired changes.

You certainly can use TAP for TDD, there is no contraindication. If you already use Perl Test::More, then sharing the same output format can be helpful.

Why do you ask wheter cMockery can be used for TDD ? DO you think it cannot ? why ?

TDD and unit test frameworks are just means, not ends.

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