Are there any good ssh consoles for Eclipse?

I'm looking for a good ssh console plugin for Eclipse, and can't find much at all. Would anyone have some good leads on one?


In Eclipse 3.4.1, there is the Remote Systems Explorer perspective that allows you to create and connect to SSH terminals (here)

If you don't like the ssh.shells or ssh.terminals subsystems in Eclipse RSE, try using the Terminal View instead.

  • Open up Window -> Show View -> Other (or press Shift+Alt+Q then Q)
  • Type Terminal in the search box
  • Select the Terminal view listed under the Terminal folder

You'll see a window that looks similar to RSE's ssh.terminals subsystem... but with some extra buttons on the top right.

How to use it:
  • To fix the scrolling issue (ie: for programs like top), click the Scroll Lock button at the right.
  • For extra Terminal window tabs, click the down arrow on the New Terminal Connection button
  • To change the current terminal window's settings, use the Settings button.
  • If you really like the annoying command input box at the bottom, you can toggle it on and off with the appropriate button.
Change the Background Color:

For some reason, the default setting is to use a terribly hard to see white background. To change this:

  • Go to Window -> Preferences
  • Type Terminal in the search box at the top left, or select Terminal on the left.
  • Check the box that says Invert terminal colors
  • You can also configure a larger terminal buffer or connection timeouts here
  • Click Apply

Now the terminal should have a black background! If you want a local terminal, you can enable ssh on your local machine, and connect to localhost.

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