Detect whether FocusEvent of component is lost or gained

I implementing a EventQueue and get notified when AWTEvents are send. I wait till instances of FocusEvent are send to the dispatchEvent methode.

The FocusEvent by itself does not have a methode to ask if the focus of the component is gained or lost. The methode paramString returns a String in which the information is placed, but i dont want to hack or pars the String. A contains call can give me the answer, but the returnes String is no constant, so it could change in the future.

The paramString methode of FocusEvent is like:

 switch(id) {
      case FOCUS_GAINED:
          typeStr = "FOCUS_GAINED";
      case FOCUS_LOST:
          typeStr = "FOCUS_LOST";
          typeStr = "unknown type";
    return typeStr + (temporary ? ",temporary" : ",permanent") +
        ",opposite=" + getOppositeComponent();

Do you know another solution for this issue.


What's wrong with "evt.getID()"? It returns FOCUS_LOST or FOCUS_GAINED?

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