DataGridView custom sort not on DataMember (Databound Grid)

I have a custom DataGridView column that uses an embedded control that pops up a search window for the value of that column. The important thing is that the databound column is a numeric ID, but the custom column cells display a text description.

How do I get the column to sort on the text description rather than the numeric ID?

I don't see a way to override the column to sort by FormattedValue instead of Value. I could ensure that the description shows up as a separate column in my data table, but I don't see any way to say "use column VALUE_ID as DataMember but column VALUE_DESCRIPITON as 'SortMember'"


You can use a technique described in the following article Column Sort Modes

private bool ascending;
private int sortColumn;
private void dgv_ColumnHeaderMouseClick(object sender, DataGridViewCellMouseEventArgs e)
    List<SomeObject> list = (List<SomeObject>)someBindingSource.DataSource;
    if (e.ColumnIndex != sortColumn) ascending = false;

    int 1 = e.ColumnIndex;
    if (i == DescriptionColumn.Index)
        list.Sort(new Comparison<SomeObject>((x,y) => x.ID.CompareTo(y.ID)));

    sortColumn = e.ColumnIndex;
    ascending = !ascending;
    if (!ascending) list.Reverse():

    // you may also have to call dgv.Invalidate();

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