What is a debug working set (Eclipse)?

I'm using Eclipse IDE and notice an option in the Debug perspective in the Breakpoints view that allows me to chose/create a working set. I've found all kinds of help online that tells me how to make a working set or choose a working set, but nothing that explains what a working set is or why I'd want to use one.


A working set is a subset of other objects. You can create a breakpoint working set that contains only some of your breakpoints, or a project working set that contains only part of your project, and so on. You would use working sets to let you easily switch back and forth between different parts of a project or workspace.

Need Your Help

Progress/cancel callback in Tesseract using ETEXT_DESC

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Is there a way to specify a progress and cancel callback in Tesseract? I'm using Tesseract in Android, using the tess-two project.