MVC Examples use of var

Maybe I live in a bubble, or am just too new, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the heavy use of 'var' to declare variables instead of a specific type in many of the MVC examples by Microsoft? Is there a purpose for this, or is it the "in" thing to do now, or just personal style?


Jared Parsons talked about this in his blog I don't agree with his conclusions (as my comment there indicates), but this article should explain why it's used so much.

Need Your Help

HTML5 Equivalent to Silverlight RichTextBox?

html5 silverlight-4.0 richtextbox contenteditable rich-text-editor

I've had some experience with the new RichTextBox in Silverlight 4 and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good equivalent/example in HTML5?

Profiling .NET Web App with No Code

.net wcf performance load

I have a .NET web application running on a server that is suffering and eventually failing under load. Is there any kind of profiler I can run without having access to the code?