PHP5 Classes - Can you get a calling class's variables?

Okay, so I'm new to OO and still kinda new to PHP5.

I have a class Page that creates an instance of DB, which is named $db.

In the __construct() of Page, I create the new $db object and I pull a bunch of config data from a file.

Now the DB class has a method _connectToDB() which (attempts) to connect to the database.

Is there a way in the DB class to call the parent class's config array? I don't want to make global variables if I don't have to and I don't want to grab the config data twice.

Pseudo code might look something like this

$dbUsername = get_calling_class_vars(configArray['dbUserName']);

Thank you


I find that it's often easier to initialise all the "important" objects close to whatever variables they need to know. You could try it this way:

/* Code to get config variables here */
$DB = new DB($config);
/* You might want to delete the database password from $config here */
$Page = new Page($config, $DB);

Doing it this way means you can also do type-checking on the database object if you want to:

class Page {
    function __construct(array $config, DBClass $db) { }

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