How can I clear the Warnings sections of the error list In VS2008?

Specifically, once I get the WCAG Anaylsis warnings for a website into my warnings window I can't get rid of them, until I close down studio. When building another project in the same solution they stay there.

Anyone got any ideas?


I came across this question yesterday looking for an easy answer. While closing the solution works for me, and then rebuilding only the solution I want to see warnings on, I found that doing a "Clean Solution" (right-click solution, select "Clean Solution") will clear the Error List pane (including warnings).

Close all open documents and rebuild the solution to get rid of those warnings. I have also that problem on webprojects and WCAG-varnings, but they disapear when Im doing a rebuild.

I know this is an old thread but was having the same problem. I found that the warnings would dissapear by doing the following:

  1. Closing the documents in question
  2. Clicking on the Output tab
  3. Rebuild the application

Now when you click back on the Error List tab and look at warnings, they should be reset.

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