C#: Load roaming profile and execute program as user

In an application I need to execute other programs with another user's credentials. Currently I use System.Diagnostics.Process.Start to execute the program:

public static Process Start(
   string fileName,
   string arguments,
   string userName,
   SecureString password,
   string domain

However this function does not load the roaming profile from the net - which is required.

I could use "runas /profile ..." to load the profile and execute the command, but that would ask for a password. There must be an more elegant way...

But where?



My solution (based on leppie's hint):

        Process p = new Process();

        p.StartInfo.FileName = textFilename.Text;
        p.StartInfo.Arguments = textArgument.Text;
        p.StartInfo.UserName = textUsername.Text;
        p.StartInfo.Domain = textDomain.Text;
        p.StartInfo.Password = securePassword.SecureText;

        p.StartInfo.LoadUserProfile = true;
        p.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;

        try {
        } catch (Win32Exception ex) {
            MessageBox.Show("Error:\r\n" + ex.Message);

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