Javascript Marquee to replace <marquee> tags

I'm hopeless at Javascript. This is what I have:

<script type="text/javascript">
    function beginrefresh(){

        //set the id of the target object
        var marquee = document.getElementById("marquee_text");

        if(marquee.scrollLeft >= marquee.scrollWidth - parseInt( {
            marquee.scrollLeft = 0;

        marquee.scrollLeft += 1;

        // set the delay (ms), bigger delay, slower movement
        setTimeout("beginrefresh()", 10);


It scrolls to the left but I need it to repeat relatively seamlessly. At the moment it just jumps back to the beginning. It might not be possible the way I've done it, if not, anyone have a better method?


Here is a jQuery plugin with a lot of features:

And this one is "silky smooth"

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