How would I insert data into an Access table using

I want to insert a new row into an Access database. I'm looking at doing something like:

oConnection = new Connection("connectionstring")
oTable = oCennection.table("Orders")
oRow = oTable.NewRow
oRow.field("Customer") = "ABC001"

Which seems to be a sensible way of doing things to me.

However, All examples I look for on the net seem to insert data by building SQL statements, or by creating a "SELECT * From ...", and then using this to create a multitude of objects, one of which appears to allow you to ... - populate an array with the current contents of the table. - insert a new row into this array. - update the database with the changes to the array.

What's the easiest way of using to insert data into an Access database? Is there a method I can use that is similar to my pCode above?


This is one way:

cn = New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\emp.mdb;")
str = "insert into table1 values(21,'ABC001')"
cmd = New OleDbCommand(str, cn)

I would make a dataset, add a tableadapter connected to the Access database, then let the tableadapter create update/delete/modify for me. Then you just could do like this (assuming your database has a usertable and you mapped that up in the dataset):

    Dim UserDS As New UserDS
    Dim UserDA As New UserDSTableAdapters.UsersTableAdapter
    Dim NewUser As UserDS.UsersRow = UserDS.Users.NewUsersRow

    NewUser.UserName = "Stefan"
    NewUser.LastName = "Karlsson"



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