How can I upload a file using Catalyst?

I am working on an internal web based application for storing and cataloging photos. How should I retrieve, and save these files to the server?

Note: I want to save the files to the file system, not to a database. Similar to How can I handle HTTP file uploads?


Start with your familiar upload INPUT on your HTML form and ensure that the HTML form tag has the parameter enctype="multipart/form-data"

Your Catalyst::Request object ($c->request) provides two methods for accessing and manipulating the files.

Each file upload field will be instantiated as a Catalyst::Request::Upload object.

$c->request->upload will return the Upload objects in scalar or list form. $c->request->uploads will return a reference to hash of Upload objects.

The Upload object provides several method for saving and copying the files.

Check out the man pages that I've linked above.

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