“Slider” type label as seen on Facebook and AP Mobile News

Please pardon my lack of Photoshop skills, but I'm curious what type of strategy Apps like Facebook and AP Mobile News are using for the 'label slider' in their applications. Here's a quick snippet outlining what I'm talking about as I'm sure the name I'm labeling the utility as is being butchered: http://dl-client.getdropbox.com/u/57676/slider.jpg

Essentially the user can touch the label and glide it along the X axis. It has a smooth bounce effect also once it hits the edges. This gives quite a bit more real estate if you need to present more on the screen than what your portrait mode allows for and is thus very valuable.

Is it a matter of just creating a UILabel that's wider than the screen with a bit of Touch API + Core Animation? Would love insight on how to start tackling this thing.


You'll most likely want to use a UIScrollView, with a UILabel as its content view. Size the label appropriately to your content, and then set the contentSize property of the scrollview to that size.

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