COMET (server push to client) on iPhone

I'm looking to establish some kind of socket/COMET type functionality from my server(s) to my iPhone application. Essentially, anytime a user manages to set an arbitrary object 'dirty' on the server, by say, updating their Address.. the feedback should be pushed from the server to any clients keeping a live poll to the server. The buzzword for this is COMET I suppose. I know there is DWR out there for web browser applications, so I'm thinking, maybe it's best to set a hidden UIWebView in each of my controllers just so I can get out of the box COMET from their javascript framework? Is there a more elegant approach?


There are a couple of solutions available to use a STOMP client.

STOMP is incredibly simple and lightweight, perfect for the iPhone.

I used this one as my starting point, and found it very good. It has a few object allocation/memory leak problems, but once I got the hang of iPhone programming, these were easy to iron out.

Hope that helps!

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