How can I validate the structure of my PHP arrays?

Is there a function out there to make sure that any given array conforms to a particular structure? What I mean is that is has particular key names, perhaps particular types for values, and whatever nested structure.

Right now I have a place where I want to make sure that the array getting past has certain keys, a couple holding a certain data type, and one sub-array with particular key names. I've done a lot of run-around because I was passing malformed arrays to it, and finally I'm at the point where I have a bunch of

if ( ! isset($arr['key1']) ) { .... }
if ( ! isset($arr['key2']) ) { .... }
if ( ! isset($arr['key3']) ) { .... }

I would have saved a lot of time and consternation if I could have checked that the array conformed to a particular structure beforehand. Ideally something like

$arrModel = array(
    'key1' => NULL ,
    'key2' => int ,
    'key3' => array(
        'key1' => NULL ,
        'key2' => NULL ,

if ( ! validate_array( $arrModel, $arrCandidate ) ) { ... }

So, the question I'm asking is, does this already exists, or do I write this myself?


It doesn't exist built in.

Maybe try something like (untested):

array_diff(array_merge_recursive($arrCandidate, $arrModel), $arrModel)

Convert array to JSON:

Then check against a JSON Schema:

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