Silverlight datagrid header binding to constant

Say I have a bunch of local constants in my code behind that I want to use as headers, for example:

const string TYPE_HEADER = "Type";
const string LOCATION_ HEADER = "Location";


Is there any way I can bind the headers of my DataGridColumns to these like events are bound to local methods, for example:

<data:DataGridTextColumn Header="{Binding TYPE_HEADER}" />

Can this be done? Perhaps by using some dynamic ResourceDictionary or something?


the TYPE_HEADER must be a string property (it can be backed by a const). make a container:

public class MyStaticDataProvider
public string TYPE_HEADER { get { return "blkajsd"; } }

below the declaration of your usercontrol:

 <MyNamespace:MyStaticDataProvider x:Key="NameProvider" />

for your header:

Header="{Binding Path=TYPE_HEADER, Source={StaticResource NameProvider}, Mode=OneTime}"

it would be easier if silverlight supported x:Static, but it does not. see

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