T4MVC MVC2 Views in Areas not generated

I just create an empty MVC2 project. Add an Area and a controller and a view to it. Include T4MVC files into the project and run the custom tool.

Everything is generated except the ViewNames for the views in the Area.

My tree structure:


  • MyArea
    • Controllers
      • MyTestController.cs
    • Views
      • MyTest
        • MyTestView.aspx
      • MySecondTestView.aspx

As you can I have views directly in Views folder and also in folders named by the controller..

Did anyone experienced something like this?


T4MVC definitely supports accessing the views in an Area. I just tried the following on a new project:

  • Create an Area named 'Stuff'
  • Create a Foo controller in there
  • In that controller, right click on Index() and ask it to generate a view
  • Rerun the T4MVC custom tool

After that, I'm able to write either:

    public virtual ActionResult Index()
        return View(Views.Index);


    public virtual ActionResult Index()
        return View(MVC.Stuff.Foo.Views.Index);

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