Is it possible to listen to a method call in action script 3?

Given an instance of MyClass, I want to be notified when someone calls an specific method.


package bar;
  public class MyClass {

      private var foo:int;

      public function MyClass() { foo = 2; }
      public function getFoo():int { return foo; }

So given a instance of MyClass ( var instance = new MyClass() ) i want to be notified every time getFoo is called. I have tried using reflection+annotations+dynamic classes, to find that in AS3 you can't change seal methods (methods defined in the class). I was wondering if i can subscript to a event in order to be notified when the method is called.


There is no event for every method call, and MyClass is not even EventDispatcher. I suppose you cannot alter MyClass definition, otherwise that would be too simple.

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