Guidelines to implement a minimal shape drawing tool desktop application using Java

We need to implement a Java desktop application that allows us (initially) to create / edit / resize / polygons on (initially) images. Then these polygons would be mapped to objects in our domain model.

So we basically need a toolbar with the options describe above and the possibility for the example to create a polygon on the an image and then scale it, or resize it, just that.

Do you know some library that could facilitate our work?

We've analyzed GEF, Picollo, NetBeans Visual API, Plain Swing or SWT/JFace, but none of them seems to help us to achieve our goal, which is, implement a really basic image editing tool.

I would like to mention that I'm not saying that what I want to do is not possible with the analyzed libraries, of course it can be done, but I'd like to learn from your experiences which is the correct path to take for this problem.

Any suggestion will be welcomed.


You could try to use GEF and the eclipse plataform.

this article could help you.


You might look at GraphPanel, a simple object drawing program. The control components are arranged in a JPanel, but JToolBar is a more flexible alternative.

Have you looked at It is a NetBeans Platform application, which, though unfinished, might provide you with an interesting starting point.

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