Using COALESCE in SQL view

I need to create a view from several tables. One of the columns in the view will have to be composed out of a number of rows from one of the table as a string with comma-separated values.

Here is a simplified example of what I want to do.

CustomerId int
CustomerName VARCHAR(100)

CustomerId int
OrderName VARCHAR(100)

There is a one-to-many relationship between Customer and Orders. So given this data

1 'John'
2 'Marry'

1 'New Hat'
1 'New Book'
1 'New Phone'

I want a view to be like this:

Name     Orders
'John'   New Hat, New Book, New Phone
'Marry'  NULL

So that EVERYBODY shows up in the table, regardless of whether they have orders or not.

I have a stored procedure that i need to translate to this view, but it seems that you cant declare params and call stored procs within a view. Any suggestions on how to get this query into a view?

CREATE PROCEDURE getCustomerOrders(@customerId int)
   DECLARE @CustomerName varchar(100)
   DECLARE @Orders varchar (5000)

   SELECT @Orders=COALESCE(@Orders,'') + COALESCE(OrderName,'') + ',' 
   FROM Orders WHERE CustomerId=@customerId

   -- this has to be done separately in case orders returns NULL, so no customers are excluded
   SELECT @CustomerName=CustomerName FROM Customers WHERE CustomerId=@customerId

   SELECT @CustomerName as CustomerName, @Orders as Orders


EDIT: Modified answer to include creation of view.

/* Set up sample data */
create table Customers (
    CustomerId int,
    CustomerName VARCHAR(100)

create table Orders (
    CustomerId int,
    OrderName VARCHAR(100)

insert into Customers
    (CustomerId, CustomerName)
    select 1, 'John' union all
    select 2, 'Marry'

insert into Orders
    (CustomerId, OrderName)
    select 1, 'New Hat' union all
    select 1, 'New Book' union all
    select 1, 'New Phone'

/* Create the view */       
create view OrderView as    
    select c.CustomerName, x.OrderNames
        from Customers c
            cross apply (select stuff((select ',' + OrderName from Orders o where o.CustomerId = c.CustomerId for xml path('')),1,1,'') as OrderNames) x

/* Demo the view */
select * from OrderView

/* Clean up after demo */
drop view OrderView
drop table Customers
drop table Orders

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